How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing utilizes the skills of a range of people for a more successful marketing approach while giving contributors a piece of the profit since it works by dividing the responsibility of product promotion and production between parties. Three parties must cooperate for this to succeed:

  • Creators And Sellers Of The Goods And Services
  • The Advertiser Or Affiliate.
  • The Customer/Clients

To make affiliate marketing a success, let’s examine the intricate connection that these three parties have with one another:

Creators And Sellers Of The Goods And Services

The seller, RankMeTop, is a modest business that provides the market with SEO services as well as several other special services that you can find after you are done browsing our website. The product to be promoted in RankMeTop is our heartfelt SEO service.

RankMeTop does not need to be actively involved in the marketing, but we are the advertiser and profit from the revenue sharing associated with affiliate marketing.

The Advertiser Or Affiliate

The affiliate, also known as a publisher, is a person or business that promotes our services in a way that appeals to potential customers. In other words, the affiliate advertises our services in an effort to persuade customers that using them would be worthwhile or advantageous to them and convince them to invest for our service. The affiliate gets a share of the sales if the customer decides to purchase the service.

Affiliates frequently promote to a highly specialized target and typically follow that consumer’s interests. In this case, the customers who are in need of SEO and many other SEO related services.

How Do RankMeTop Affiliates Get Paid?

Of course, in order for the affiliate system to be successful, there must be sales, and it is the consumer or customer who drives these sales.

The affiliate will promote our service to customers using the relevant channels, and if a customer thinks the service is worthwhile or helpful to them, they may get in touch with us via the appropriate channels (You will be provided it after you become our affiliate). The consumer must understand that you, the affiliate, are earning a commission from the sale of the services, so keep that in mind.

We are transparent about our sales and the sales value

How Do RankMeTop Affiliates Get Paid?

 But how does a RankMeTop affiliates  get paid once they’ve connected the buyer with RankMeTop?

The solution is really rather easy.

The customer need not necessarily purchase the lifetime service for the affiliate to receive a commission. The affiliate’s contribution to the seller’s service sales will be calculated differently depending on the program or commission levels.

Pay Per Sales

This is how affiliate marketing is often structured. In this program, once a customer buys our services as a consequence of affiliate marketing tactics, RankMeTop pays the affiliate a portion of the Service sale price. But You don’t need to know how to close the SEO Service Deal what’s our pricing and all. 

You just need to refer a client to us, if they are closed you made a commission based on the sales value 

Commission Tiers

You will be granted the commission based on pay per sales like mentioned above. The amount you make directly correlates with the tier of the commission and the sales you can provide depending on it.


  • $1000
  • Client 10% Life Time


  • $500+
  • Client 10% Life Time


  • Less than or equal to $500*

  • Client Full 1st Month Budget

* no exact price in Tier 3, it is because our affiliate is a service and not a product. So it all depends on the consumer and not the seller.

How Much Can You Make Being Our Affiliate?

The potential earnings are quite unpredictable and realistically range from nothing to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the tier of the customer you can get for us.

Your revenue will be directly correlated to the Tiers of our offers you promote, the number of sales we can close successfully from your referral, and your proficiency with other aspects of web marketing, such as email marketing or any other techniques required to bring in customers for us.

Why RankMeTop Affiliate/ Benefits You Can Get By Joining Us

After all this, you might be wondering why to join our affiliate other than the commission you might receive. What other benefits could be there for you? Well, have a look at it.


Strategic Growth

With the aid of RankMeTop, you may develop, improve the exposure of your website, and boost sales. By having RankMeTop create high-quality content specifically for your audience, you may save time and money on content development.


Convenient & Powerful Tracking

Your sales and commissions are fully visible on our affiliate dashboard. After the affiliate procedure, you may choose to get payment at a different time or evaluate your profits and performance at the same time each month (Depending On The Sale).


Easy Promotion

You will have quick access to our banners, materials, or sales leads through your dashboard. By simply including our content or the necessary materials on your sites, you may promote RankMeTop anywhere on your website.


Dedicated Account Manager

You will have direct contact with an affiliate manager who is aware of your objectives and business. Your team and RankMeTop will collaborate to increase your commissions and per-sale revenue.

Frequently Asked Question Answered

How do affiliate marketers get paid?

How do affiliate marketers get paid?

Affiliate marketers are compensated with a commission when they introduce clients to businesses where they buy our services. Depending on the service and the amount of referrals, these commissions might be paid at various levels.

How much money can you make as an affiliate marketer?

How much money can you make as an affiliate marketer?

Affiliate marketers’ earnings range from a few hundred dollars to five figures at RankMeTop. It depends on the marketer’s level of influence and the amount of time spent promoting our services. Most of the time, those who spend more time promoting RankMeTop’s services will also make more money.

Is affiliate marketing legal?

Is affiliate marketing legal?

Yes, as long as the affiliate discloses their relationship with the merchant and lets their audience know that they are getting a cut of purchases, affiliate marketing is allowed.

The FTC mandates that affiliate marketers make their affiliation with retailers transparent and obvious, allowing customers to determine how much weight to place on your recommendation.

Is it worth becoming an affiliate?

Is it worth becoming an affiliate?

Using affiliate items to complement the goods or services you sell on your own website may be highly lucrative. Affiliate marketing is almost likely something you should take into consideration if you can locate a product that is similar to yours yet distinct.

Can I become an affiliate of RankMeTop without any social media?

Can I become an affiliate of RankMeTop without any social media?

The simple answer is, yes, affiliate marketing is still possible without social networking. Numerous affiliate marketers succeed in their businesses despite without having a single social media follower. The reality is that there are numerous different channels via which you may bring in affiliate sales for us.