Surose, another big boy of the company(not literally but in the sense of seniority) is a SEO specialist who also specialize in many different skills including Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Social Media Manager(SMM), Search Engine Manager(SEM) and so on.

Surose is an expert at SEO with a knack for problem-solving, big-picture thinking, and clearly and methodically expressing ideas. He has a strong interest in digital marketing, SEO strategy, Google Algorithm Update, link building, and other related topics. His most notable professional accomplishments to date are his five years as an underwriting assistant at Gurans Life Insurance and his two years as an SEO specialist at Kunyo.

He enjoys reading novels while sipping coffee and training weights when he isn’t working. The atmosphere and setting of the office are his favorite aspects of the business. He began his career in digital marketing at the beginning of 2020, having been motivated by figures such as Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Patrick Bet-David, and Andrew Tate. “The Harder you are on yourself, the easiest life will be on you.” is one of his personal treasured quotes.

Full name: Sumitra Khadka

Details : 

Hobbies: Reading books, dancing and sometime making tiktok videos

What you specialize on

Ans: I’m a full stack developer. 

Your Any Minor or Major IT skill

Love programming.

Your role and specialization In rank me top 

CEO of the company. Handle all the managerial work in the company. 

Favorite Thing in RankMeTop: Team work, coordination

how many companies you have worked with 

With 3 companies.

work as a freelancer or not

yes, I worked as a freelancer.

When did you start this career?


any awards you got in your IT career?

I’m a former Microsoft Student Partner. I am the winner of Miss Tech Nepal 2017 (Program for IT girls)

Quotes: Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself

Position in RankMeTop:
Favorite Thing in RankMeTop:
Personal Life Philosophy:
How many companies you have worked with:
Work as a freelancer or not:
When did you start this career? :
your work with other companies other than Rankmetop(if there is any):
Any IT awards: 

Kushal, Managing Editor of RankMeTop who gets the job done quickly and also a fast learner, specializes in Content Writing, Content Creation, On-Page SEO and so on. Because he is an undergraduate student whose study is in progress and eager to be a programmer, he also has knowledge in C and C++.

Before joining RankMeTop, he worked as a content writer and managing editor in BloggingBig with the founder of RankMeTop Raju for almost a year .So to say he has a lot of experience in this field is not an understatement.He gained a lot of experience in the meantime he was working in BloggingBig and wanted to continue the same path because he enjoyed it a lot. His best-loved part of RankMeTop is the comfortable, cheerful environment and encouraging fellow team members.

He can be a bit shy when you first meet him but once you get in his zone, he can be the most talkative. He loves traveling and sports, and he spends most of his time watching media, reading manga or learning new technological skills he is most interested in. He continued on this career after high school. “When you base your expectations only on what you see, you blind yourself to the possibilities of a new reality.” is one of his personal quotes because of his attachment with the series Avatar.

Parash, a Sr. SEO specialist working in RankMeTop is an energetic team member, an expert in many fields including Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Social Media Manager(SMM), Project Team Management and so on.

He specializes in solving the most complex challenges with the right approach and application of technologies, and getting the most out of a team of awesome members. He is a well versed guy in technology so of course he is bound to have skills like Computer Shortcuts, Device Speed Optimization and so on. His special part about RankMeTop is the weekly football match and Thursday breakfast!

In his spare time he likes to play football or FIFA and hang out with friends in a cafe to enjoy the moment(or sometimes brainstorm things needed). “ One should not judge another by their appearance or own preconceptions” is one of his personal life quotes.

Regan, an SEO executive in RankMeTop and considering the skills and diligence he has, you can guess that he specializes in different terms like Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Social Media Manager(SMM) and so on.

He has a lot of knowledge in the digital sector because he has been researching it since he was an undergraduate. Regan’s position changed along with the market’s digital landscape.His responsibilities include administering and maintaining all aspects of the website as well as SEO News, Link Building, and SEO strategy.

His ideal part of the RankMeTop is the work environment and all the friendly colleagues. When he is not working, you can find him playing football or hanging out with his friends. He is a friendly guy who doesn’t hesitate to ask for help, correct himself when he is wrong and move forward for better tomorrow “Be happy and let others be happy” is his personal life philosophy.

Anup, an SEO strategist in RankMeTop who is really talented, expert and specializes in different fields like Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Search Engine Manager(SEM), WordPress, HTML and CSS.

He has held the positions of SEO Analyst, Project Management Officer, and SEM, therefore he has gained a wide range of perspectives on the digital agency environment. His superpowers are his meticulous attention to detail, his adaptability, and his relentless pursuit of the seemingly unattainable. Due to the nature of his job and personality, no client has ever been dissatisfied with his services.

The thing he enjoys the most in RankMeTop is that he is able to work from the office which saves his time for the most part. He is able to provide more than required because of that. He is a friendly guy who wants to be an expert and excel in the field he is working in. His childhood dream was to be a professional Esport Player but his destiny said otherwise. He is also readily available to work as a freelancer.

He enjoys playing video games at home or going on hikes when he’s not working (yeah we know the combination is kind of weird). He started his career in the final semester of his undergraduate degree. Despite RankMeTop being his first company, he is already a professional at what he does and became a core member of the team. “Keep it Simple and Easy” is what he says when we ask him about his favorite quotes.