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SEO Strategist

Anup, an SEO strategist in RankMeTop who is really talented, expert and specializes in different fields like Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Search Engine Manager(SEM), WordPress, HTML and CSS.

He has held the positions of SEO Analyst, Project Management Officer, and SEM, therefore he has gained a wide range of perspectives on the digital agency environment. His superpowers are his meticulous attention to detail, his adaptability, and his relentless pursuit of the seemingly unattainable. Due to the nature of his job and personality, no client has ever been dissatisfied with his services.

The thing he enjoys the most in RankMeTop is that he is able to work from the office which saves his time for the most part. He is able to provide more than required because of that. He is a friendly guy who wants to be an expert and excel in the field he is working in. His childhood dream was to be a professional Esport Player but his destiny said otherwise. He is also readily available to work as a freelancer.

He enjoys playing video games at home or going on hikes when he’s not working (yeah we know the combination is kind of weird). He started his career in the final semester of his undergraduate degree. Despite RankMeTop being his first company, he is already a professional at what he does and became a core member of the team. “Keep it Simple and Easy” is what he says when we ask him about his favorite quotes.