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Kushal, Managing Editor of RankMeTop who gets the job done quickly and also a fast learner, specializes in Content Writing, Content Creation, On-Page SEO and so on. Because he is an undergraduate student whose study is in progress and eager to be a programmer, he also has knowledge in C and C++.

Before joining RankMeTop, he worked as a content writer and managing editor in BloggingBig with the founder of RankMeTop Raju for almost a year .So to say he has a lot of experience in this field is not an understatement.He gained a lot of experience in the meantime he was working in BloggingBig and wanted to continue the same path because he enjoyed it a lot. His best-loved part of RankMeTop is the comfortable, cheerful environment and encouraging fellow team members.

He can be a bit shy when you first meet him but once you get in his zone, he can be the most talkative. He loves traveling and sports, and he spends most of his time watching media, reading manga or learning new technological skills he is most interested in. He continued on this career after high school. “When you base your expectations only on what you see, you blind yourself to the possibilities of a new reality.” is one of his personal quotes because of his attachment with the series Avatar.