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Surose Karki

Surose, another big boy of the company(not literally but in the sense of seniority) is a SEO specialist who also specialize in many different skills including Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Social Media Manager(SMM), Search Engine Manager(SEM) and so on.

Surose is an expert at SEO with a knack for problem-solving, big-picture thinking, and clearly and methodically expressing ideas. He has a strong interest in digital marketing, SEO strategy, Google Algorithm Update, link building, and other related topics. His most notable professional accomplishments to date are his five years as an underwriting assistant at Gurans Life Insurance and his two years as an SEO specialist at Kunyo.

He enjoys reading novels while sipping coffee and training weights when he isn’t working. The atmosphere and setting of the office are his favorite aspects of the business. He began his career in digital marketing at the beginning of 2020, having been motivated by figures such as Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Patrick Bet-David, and Andrew Tate. “The Harder you are on yourself, the easiest life will be on you.” is one of his personal treasured quotes.